Sharon Lynn Willliams

Sharon Williams is a Calgary based, international award winning artist and teacher.  She holds signature membership in the Alberta Society of Artists and the Federation of Canadian Artists.  She has painted professionally for 20 years.  Sharon teaches watercolour and mixed media workshops throughout Western Canada. She is a popular juror and critic for various art associations in Calgary.




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What people are saying:

“I got your DVD, and love it!! Thanks for the high quality DVD. I know I will watch it many times.”  Muriel

“I want to commend you on your Watercolour Workshop, Old Man River.  As a Christmas gift last year, I asked my daughter, who lives in Calgary, to give it to me as a gift.  I had seen a copy earlier, and felt I must have it my collection.” 

“Thanks for your excellent instructional DVD–I’t’s an important part of my collection” Linda in Calgary

“Your approach to watercolour is  wonderful.  I love the way how you clearly handle all of the important aspects in order to enjoy, really enjoy, creating a painting.” Alice in Winnipeg

“I’ve already watched your fantastic DVD 3 times. Your approach to watercolour is wonderful. I just love your calm way of teaching. I’ve taken lots of classes and I learned more from this DVD thank any class. I feel a new confidence that I can paint my own watercolour. To be able to see so clearly how you paint clouds, trees and mountains is unbelievable. It was fascinating to hear you explain why you were doing things every step of the way. Everyone who wants to learn watercolour needs to see this DVD. Great Work!!” Elsie M.

DVD # 2

Watercolour: On Location