We offer custom crafted personal biography DVD’s, including photo montages, custom graphics and video effects, interviews and testimonials. WhitePine Personal Stories are created with the highest standards.  We treat each project as the special event it is.  We take pride in our ability to craft a compelling story and present that with the finest in digital technology.

To learn about the various serives offered browse the selections below.

Custom Photo to DVD Package: Using the latest digital technology we can make your photos take on a brand new life.  We can also bring your slide show to life with personal narrations,  interviews.  All projects include customized musical selections and text effects.

Personal Story DVD’s: Preserve your most significant personal memories – celebrate special events –  present your life story for future generations – honour those special people you know.

Corporate Video Services: A special way to celebrate an employee(er) or a major event or milestone.

Web Presence: We offer the ability to present your  event, message or story on the internet.

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