About Us

REX AND SUSAN WHITEPINE PRODUCTIONSWhitePine Videos is the creative pursuit of Susan and Rex Beanland. It began over 15 years ago, back in our teaching days, when we started to integrate video into the classroom as a way to enrich the students learning experience. It was from those humble beginnings that we developed an appreciation for the power of this medium to communicate, entertain and inform. After retiring from teaching we began our own video production company, WhitePine Productions. At the same time, our long time interest in visual arts turned from a hobby to a serious, daily passion. And then a great idea struck us, ‘Why not combine our love of art and video?’. Thus WhitePine Videos was born.

Why WhitePine Videos?

We believe that video is the perfect medium to enable artist/teachers to reach beyond the workshop and pass on their knowledge to a far wider group of students. We knew that the cost and effort required by artists to produce their own videos independently was prohibitive. We also knew that we had the knowledge, the equipment and the skills necessary to produce professional videos. Finally, we felt that our unique combination of educational background and visual art experience would ensure that our videos provide students with the highest quality learning experience possible.

Why Are We Doing This?

Producing professional art instruction videos is a beautiful merging of our artistic, educational and technical interests. It is a very satisfying way to give something to all those artists who want to grow and improve.  We sincerely believe that this service will help and encourage others, both students and teachers, in their own artisitic endeavours. But above all it’s a whole lot of fun and it has allowed us to meet some of the most generous and talented artists at work today.

Rex & Susan Beanland WhitePine Videos

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Now AvailableSusan & Rex WhitePine Artist

Pastel Workshop with Susan Woolgar.
See how Susan Woolgar creates this unbelievably luscious pastel painting. In her DVD she provides two complete demonstrations as well as a bonus feature, ‘How to make your own pastel paper’. Susan’s vast knowledge, skill and love of the medium is revealed in every step she takes as she leads us down the road to discovering pastel painting at its finest.